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At PetCura Animal Hospital we perform a wide range of surgeries from elective surgeries (spays & neuters) to surgeries done by a specialist such as orthopedic surgeries.

We look at every pet as an individual. When your pet is admitted for a surgical procedure its anesthetic drug protocol will be based on its physical exam, history, and blood tests. This allows us to use the most appropriate anesthetic drugs for your pet based on their medical history and the procedure being performed.

Pre-surgical Testing

For your pet's safety, blood work to test organ function and complete blood cell counts is often necessary before undergoing general anesthesia. Additional testing such as urinalysis, EKG, ultrasound or x-rays may be necessary in more involved cases.

Pre-surgical Medication

Pre-medicate drugs are first administered which may include a mild sedative and pain medication. This allows your pet to be relaxed before anesthesia is induced, and decreases the amount of induction agent required. This makes the experience as stress-free as possible.

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Intravenous Catheter & Fluids

Intravenous catheters are placed in all patients undergoing general anesthesia. This allows us direct access to their circulatory system during the procedure and a route to administer any medications needed. IV fluids are also administered to your pet to keep them hydrated and help combat low blood pressure which can be a side effect of general anesthesia.


We have a wide range of anesthetic drugs available for use in your pet, the same ones found in human hospitals! They are fast acting and allow us to titrate the exact levels of medication needed for your pet. All animals are intubated (a tube is placed in their windpipe) to allow complete control of their airway, and are maintained on the safest inhalant anesthetic gas with oxygen. Recovery is smooth and with routine outpatient procedures (such as spay or neuter) your pet will be ready to leave by that evening.

Surgical Monitoring

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While your pet is under general anesthesia, their vital signs will be continually monitored and charted by one of our veterinary technicians. We utilize state-of-the-art anesthetic monitors which tell us information on the patient's heart rate, EKG, and blood oxygenation level. The technician also monitors the depth of anesthesia, respiratory rate, and temperature. 

After Surgery

After the procedure is complete your pet is monitored until they are awake in the recovery area of our treatment room. Heating support is provided as needed to keep the patients warm. You will be called as soon as your pet is in recovery to inform you that the procedure is complete and your pet is waking up from anesthesia. 

List of some of the surgeries Performed at our hospital:

Soft Tissue Surgeries

Abdominal exploratory

Anal Sacculectomy

Cherry eye






Mass removal


Neuter (castration)


Spay ( ovariohysterectomy)

Vulvoplasty/ Episioplasty

Orthopedic Surgeries


Cruciate ligament repairs




Patellar Luxation

Fracture Repairs

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