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Pet Microchipping in Livermore, CA, at PetCura Animal Hospital

Thanks to pet microchipping, 50 percent more lost cats and dogs are safely returned to their loving homes. This is by far one of the most inexpensive procedures our Livermore vet performs in our animal hospital. Microchips greatly ease the minds of pet owners with animals who stray unexpectedly. Here is what you should know about how microchips work, their importance, and their safety.

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What Are Microchips for Cats and Dogs?

Microchips for pets are tiny, rice grain-sized devices that are gently inserted just beneath the surface of the skin. This quick and painless procedure requires no anesthesia and only takes seconds for our vet to perform in our office. Using a large needle to insert the chip, most pets never realize they are even there.

How Do Pet Microchips Work?

Microchipping devices are only activated when the pet is scanned with a special instrument at an animal hospital or animal shelter. So, if animal control or a friendly neighbor finds a wandering animal, they can take them to one of these locations for a scan. If the pet is chipped, there is a database connected to it remotely that displays the owners contact information. It functions just like an identification collar that can’t be easily removed.

The Benefits of Microchipping Cats and Dogs

There are numerous benefits to microchipping pets, especially young ones or highly active ones eager to escape. More than half of cats and dogs are returned home, versus the low percentages ranging between 15-20 percent of the time that non-microchipped pets are. Pets can be microchipped at any age and is highly recommended by our Livermore vet for all pet owners.

Is Pet Microchipping Safe?

Because the device is only activated for a short period during a scan, there’s no risk to the pet being harmed by electromagnetic frequencies. They emit a low-level radio frequency at most when scanned. Most pets don’t experience any side effects from microchipping. However, on rare occasions the chip might slip in the neck a bit, but will still function normally.

Need Pet microchipping in Livermore, CA?

If you are interested in enjoying the security that accompanies pet microchips, contact PetCura Animal Hospital online or call us at 925-292-5153. We're happy to schedule pet microchipping in Livermore, CA, and the surrounding communities.

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