Diagnostic Care For Your Pets


Radiology (X-rays & Ultrasound)

Our advanced "Digital Radiographic and Ultrasound" equipment helps your veterinarians in diagnosing cases that require an in-depth view of internal organs & bones. Our radiology service provides the same type of diagnostic services for your loved companions as physicians provide for humans.

The doctors at PetCura Animal Hospital have access to radiologist 24-hours a day, thus providing an extra level of care for your companion. As a high quality healthcare providers we keep our complete X-ray & Ultrasound facilities ready for use at our veterinarian's discretion.


Our doctors have access to board certified cardiologists for consultation. With the use of our advanced Digital Radiographic and Ultrasound equipment our doctors can take an in-depth look at your pet’s heart. The use of Chest Radiography (X-rays), Electrocardiogram, Echo-cardiogram and blood pressure readings will help your veterinarian in diagnosing and treating cardiac issues your pet may have.

On-Site Laboratory

Our on-site, state-of-the-art laboratory gives our veterinarians great tools in diagnosing your pet's health problems. This laboratory can provide full lab results in less then 30 minutes.  

  • Testing
  • Urine Analysis (Including Chemical, Physical, and microscopic )
  • Complete Blood count (CBC)
  • Blood typing & Cross matching
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Blood Electrolyte
  • Blood smears
  • Cytology
  • Heartworm Test
  • Feline leukemia test
  • Feline Aids Testing
  • Thyroid Blood test
  • Phenobarbital Test
  • Fecal testing
  • Kidney testing
  • Liver testing


• Preventative blood screening- Too often, aging pets fall victim to a disease that could have been prevented had the proper blood testing been done on a regular basis. Pets can age up to 7 times faster than people; because of this, dramatic health changes can occur in a very short amount of time. Furthermore your pet may not show the signs of an early disease, but an annual blood screening may be able to pick up slight chemical changes in the body. In most cases, an early diagnosis & treatment can help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

• Pre-Anesthesia Blood screening- Blood testing will provide our veterinarians with an in-depth look at your pet's internal organ functions. It is extremely important to make sure your pet's organs are normal prior to being anesthetized. This will greatly reduce any anesthetic risk during surgery & sedation.

• Tests sent to reference laboratory- Sometimes a patient may need a special test that is not done on-site. In those cases, we will collect the appropriate sample and send it to our Reference lab. They have some of the best pathologists in the country analyzing your pet's samples. Most results are back within 24 hours. Cases that require cytology, culture, or histopathology may take a few days. Once the results are reviewed, you will receive a call from our staff.


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