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Spay & Neuter Services at PetCura Animal Hospital in Livermore, CA

Here at PetCura Animal Hospital in Livermore, CA, our esteemed veterinarian is a huge advocate of spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats. While many old tales proclaim it’s best to let a female have at least one litter for their health, this is simply not true. In fact, with so many unwanted pets being euthanized every year, having pets sterilized is a compassionate and loving act to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to prevent unwanted illness in your domesticated house pet.

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About Spaying and Neutering Surgery

Spay and neuter surgeries are considered minor surgeries that take place right in our fully equipped animal hospital in Livermore. The procedure takes around five to ten minutes for males being neutered and about 15-20 minutes for females being spayed. Here are the basics of the surgery setting:

  • Once being deemed healthy for surgery, pets are put under general anesthesia, administered pain medication, and are monitored the entire time.
  • Females will have their uterus and ovaries removed, while males will have their testicles removed to permanently sterilize them.
  • Barring any complications, pets should be able to go home the same day.
  • After a few days of rest, females will be back to ‘normal’ while males typically bounce back faster.

These are relatively easy surgeries that can help your pet in a number of surprising ways beyond preventing pregnancy.

The Benefits of Pet Sterilization

Your pet is likely to enjoy numerous benefits to their health in the short and long-term course of their life. Furthermore, sterilized pets tend to have better behavior patterns post the spay and neuter procedure. Some of these perks include:

  • Less wandering and tendencies to bolt out of the door which means less chances of them getting lost or injured in a fight or accident.
  • Females will no longer discharge blood when in heat, and they will cease to attract unsterilized males.
  • Male pets' post-surgery are typically less aggressive, as their competitiveness for female attention wanes.
  • Less chance of developing infections and certain cancers of the reproductive and uterine systems, which can lead to longer lives and fewer health problems.

It's Never Too Late to Spay or Neuter

As long as pets are in good health, they can typically be sterilized. However, veterinarian professionals recommend having pets spayed as early as six to eight weeks of age for optimal health benefits.

Schedule Spay and Neuter Services with Our Livermore Veterinarian

We have performed spay & neuter surgeries in Livermore, CA, for hundreds of pets here at PetCura Animal Hospital. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options with our veterinarian online or call a team member at 925-292-5153 for more information.

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