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Senior Pet Care at PetCura Animal Hospital

The experienced veterinary team at PetCura Animal Hospital delivers excellence in animal care. The animal hospital is located at 1817 Holmes St in Livermore, CA. There is a full range of animal care services on offer at PetCura including diagnostics, internal medicine, surgery, vaccines, grooming, day boarding, dental care, and more. One of the most neglected aspects of pet ownership is senior pet care. As pets get older, their needs and preferences also change. Pet owners need to navigate them through old age.


Why senior pets need more attention?

Prevention is always better than cure. Pets are not able to speak, so the pet owners need to pay more attention to senior pets. Any change in behavior could be sign of underlying health issues. Watch out for sudden changes in appetite, stiff joints, decreased activity, and weight fluctuations. Apart from physical changes, senior pets can also suffer from cognitive dysfunction such as wandering or incontinence.

Just as humans become more fragile as they age, so do pets. A young pet might be able to combat a disease that they might not be able to at a later stage in life. The immune system weakens as the pet gets older. Even a minor infection could leave to serious health complications. Typical age-related illnesses in pets include arthritis, vision loss, kidney issues, cancer, and hearing loss. Many factors contribute to the life expectancy of the pet including genetics, exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors.

Benefits of routine health exams as part of senior pet care

Regular health exams can help diagnose health issues at an early stage before the issue become severe. The earlier you can catch the issue, the greater the chance of recovery for the dog. As part of health exams, the veterinarian will check the body systems of the dog. They will check the weight, flexibility, muscle tone, and body condition. The vet might also include more advanced tests including blood tests, blood pressure, eye exams, x-rays, and more.  The vet will also be able to guide you on how to be best manage a pet that is older and provide specific instructions on preventative practices for common age-related issues.

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An experienced veterinarian at PetCura Animal Hospital can have a look at your pet to guide on how best to take care of your aging pet. For residents of Livermore, CA, and nearby locations, you can book an appointment with a vet at PetCura. You can visit the website of PetCura for contact information. The website also contains other information such a client testimonials, list of veterinary services, new patient information, payment options, and more. 


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