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All about Pet Parasites

Parasites are a common issue with pets of all ages, sizes, species, and types. Making sure your pet is free of parasites and as healthy as possible is a must. For those in the Livermore area, PetCura Animal Hospital is a great option.

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Common Parasites

There are a ton of parasites that commonly affect pets, but the most common are of course fleas and ticks. Fleas can lead to internal parasites like worms that can eventually kill your pet if they are left untreated. Knowing what to look for and how to identify a potentially dangerous infestation can make a big difference in the overall way that your pet recovers from parasites.

Signs of Heartworm

Heartworms are one of the most common parasites that infest pets and that has the potential to kill your pets if not treated. There are some signs of heartworm that you can look for before you take your pet to the veterinarian. Pets with heartworms may be sluggish, appear tired and not themselves, and may have changes in their overall demeanor.

Heartworms can proliferate to the point that the hear literally bursts and the pet passes away. If you suspect your pets have heartworms, get them to a vet immediately.

How Does s Dog Get Fleas?

Fleas can come from just about anywhere. They can be on other animals, they can be in sand, they can cling on to just about any surface until they find a host. When a dog gets fleas, they can lead to intestinal parasites that can cause diarrhea, it can cause your pet to lose weight, it can cause your pet to lose blood and become anemic, and it can general pain and discomfort for your pet.

Fleas can lead to intestinal parasite infestations like roundworms as well. Your veterinarian can help you to determine if your pet has a parasite, and can then prescribe the right medication to help get your pet the care he needs to get rid of those parasites. Your vet will take a general look at your pet to see if he is infested, and will also take blood samples to determine if a flea infestation has gotten worse or if your pet has heartworms.  

How Do Ticks Affect Dog Health?

Ticks are another common parasite that can be very dangerous to your pet. Ticks can deplete your pet's blood supply, which can lead to anemia. Ticks can also lead to blood borne illnesses and other problems that can lead to the overall decline of health of your pet. Making sure your pet is cared for and that parasites are removed as quickly as possible.

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