Pet Wellness Exam

Looking for a way to keep your pet in optimal health? Check out the benefits of wellness exams. Through a wellness exam, your Livermore veterinarian can detect early signs of sickness. This enables your pet to get prompt and effective treatment to help him recover quicker. At PetCura Animal Hospital, we encourage you to schedule annual wellness exams for your kit or pooch to protect his or her health. Here’s what you can expect from a pet exam.


What’s Does a Pet Wellness Exam Entail?

Wellness exams go hand in hand with preventative pet care. They’re a key component of quality vet care. During an annual exam, your Livermore veterinarian will record your pet’s temperature and weight so we will have it on file to refer to in the future. We’ll also review your pet’s medical history, if he has one, before proceeding with his examination.

The exam itself entails a thorough inspection of your pet from nose to tail to see if he shows any signs of sickness, allergies, or disease. We’ll palpate your pet’s abdomen for signs of digestive disorders and listen to his heart and lungs. We’ll also check his joints for signs of arthritis. Depending on our findings, we may order diagnostic tests or x-rays to confirm a health condition.

Our veterinarian may recommend additional preventive care measures like a dental exam, dental cleaning, parasite control, spay or neuter procedure, and vaccinations at this time or schedule an appointment for these services in the near future. We encourage pet owners to schedule annual dental checkups for their pet and annual cleanings to avoid dental problems like periodontal disease. Booster vaccinations can also be given during a wellness exam to keep your pet safe from life threatening diseases.

Benefits of Pet Wellness Exams

One of the greatest benefits of pet exams is catching sickness in its early stages. The sooner we diagnose a health issue, the sooner your pet can get treatment. Early treatment can make a big difference in your pet’s recovery. Early detection and treatment can prevent minor health problems from escalating into major issues that require lengthy and costly treatments. Your pet can avoid pain and suffering and you can avoid having to pay for expensive treatments.

Through pet wellness exams, your vet can monitor your pet’s health to prevent health issues that may arise due to excess weight gain, lack of oral care, allergies, poor diet, etc. In this way, pet exams can help keep your pet healthy over the years.

See Our Livermore Veterinarian for Quality Vet Care

To schedule a wellness exam for your kit or pooch, contact PetCura Animal Hospital in Livermore at 925-292-5153 today. We look forward to meeting your vet care needs.


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